The Karaka Experience


From the ‘mean-Maori-mean’ cuisine that Karaka has to offer, there are tunes unique to Aotearoa, New Zealand, playing in the background. Rain or shine, you can’t beat the scenery of the lagoon and waterfront as well as the plethora of people, from tourists to families and business people that come in for lunch, meetings or to chill. It’s fair to say that Karaka Café is a comforting representation of New Zealand’s melting pot, under one roof. A cultural experience and one that is unique to Wellington. 

Nau Mai, Haere Mai, Come Visit And Stay Awhile


Recently listed as one of the top 10 best outdoor places to be in Wellington.  Karaka Café also boasts some of the best Aotearoa cuisine and dishes known. From the classic and ever-so-popular Hāngi dish, to the Pacific Eggs Benedict with corned beef, these are tastes which are in fact hard to find in Wellington. Not only are they are a rarity but they’ll also be sure to keep you in good comfort food!  

Home To One Of New Zealand's Finest Wines


Karaka Café is proud to be home to the Tohu range.  Tohu is the world’s first Māori-owned wine company.  Karaka Café stocks most of the Tohu selection, from the Tohu Pinot Gris to the Tohu Merlot, Tohu Pinot Noir and Tohu Gisbourne Chardonnay to the Aronui Rose.  We’ve got a widespread Tohu collection that can cater to your particular tastes.  


The Karaka Experience

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